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thanksgiving header/artist unknown

You can add a countdown banner here, if you wish. You can find them at
Thanksgiving countdown banner

A Thanksgiving set for you. Place all your text and links here, and of course, change the links (but for the siggiez countdown banner, if you use it) to point to your own files. Also, you do not need to use the cursor script, but if you'd like it, I have included it for you.

Fonts: text font is Garamond; button font is AnAkronism.

Please do not link to any of these images. Kindly upload them to your own server. Thank you, and I wish you all Happy Thanksgiving!

created by webmistress November 19, 2008

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Sets designed by Raven Creations 2008 and ever after. Header piece based on the Thanksgiving Blessings tut by Twisted Euphoria. Artists used here unknown by me; no copyright infringement intended.