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top, art copyright Kathy100
Here's a few tutorials I've attempted over the past year or so. Please don't snag any of the images here; rather, try the tutorials yourself. Links to the tuts are provided, if you wish to do so. About half of these were done in photoshop; the other half in PSP. So if they look different, that's why. At any rate, I hope you like 'em. And have fun with the tuts, if you try them.

Winter/Christmas sigs:
Welcome Frost tut and result.

Easter Themed tut:
Every Bunny's Easter and result

Halloween themed tuts:
Terror tut and result

other/general/fantasy/vintage themed:
new: Sweet Spring tut and result

Beijing Tut and result

Fairy in You tut and result

Gossamer Wings tut and result

Lacy Heart tut and result

Nature tut and result

Old Book tut and result

Polka dots tut and result

Shades of Purple tut and result

Succubus tut and result

And FYI this set here is based on Cinammon's Taste of the Orient tut. :) Thanks, Cinnamon, for a very lovely tutorial!

Others you might try: Goddess by Designs by Sandee

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