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I used a pay to use tube by the very talented gals at Ultimate Fantasy Designs. Also a free to use tube in the free section of Posers by Angi's gorgeous site.

Tips: When you do your text: create it as a selection. Then always Promote Section To Layer before you do anything else to it. That way you can move the text around as you see fit.

Pattern for witch sig:
Right click pattern to save.

To begin:
1. open canvas size 550 width by 211 height
2. flood fill with color: 221204
3 add new layer
4. flood fill with pattern
5. Apply layer effects Overlay 100%
6. add new layer, add tube. Resize to fit (I resized to by 38%) Duplicate twice.
7. on second layer, apply gaussian blur-radius 5
8. on third duplicated tube, apply Effects-Texture Effects-Soft Plastic
soft plastic settings: Relief: Blur set to 32 Detail set to 11 Density set to 24 Angle set to 14; color=#808080

9 Merge these two separate sets down. (Donít merge all layers, just merge the tubes so you can scoot them around, if you wish.)
10: Duplicate this layer, Mirror
11: Add borders symmetric, 3 pxls. A light color will do best. Select border with magic wand. Flood fill with color: #f97825
12: Select None
13: Add borders: Symmetric,1 px; color: #221204
14: add new layer
15: Add borders: Symmetric, 3 px; color=some light color. Select border with magic wand. Flood fill with witchforumsigpat. Settings: Angle=18, scale=115
16: Keep selected. Apply Inner Bevel whatever settings look best to you. Select None.
17: Add New Layer. Add your copyright. NEW layer, Add artist copyright (*if necessary, add Gradient Glow of some light color). NEW Layer, Add your text. (with whatever Halloween/Gothic text you like best. For this sig I used Solstice of Suffering)
fg color= #f97825 bg color= #221204 size whatever looks best to you.
Drop shadow used V=1 H=1 Opacity=82 Blur=24.75 color= #f2d9ab
18. Merge layers. Save; output as jpg at 17%. Before you close out psp, make sure you Unmerge the layers (except for those at) steps 6-8)
The result should look something like this:

Free to use poser by Ultimate Fantasy Designs

For the Ghost Version of Sig

I used a free to Use Poser by Angi from her site here.

There are some slight differences here: Ghost version.
Font used: Poutrygeist, from, can be found here
Pattern: ghostribbon

Right click pattern to Save

Now, to begin:
Work through steps 1-4 as above
For step 5, lower the opacity of pattern layer to 44%
Step 6 and 7 as above
For Step 8 try Distortion Effects, Spiky Halo with these settings:
Horizontal: 0.00; Vertical: 0; Amplitude: 50; Frequency: 20; radius: 50 Edge Mode: Color and use the color: #000000
The borders are slightly different too. For these I used the following settings: For borders: 1: Add 3 px border color=#bbb9b8
for border #2 Add 1 px border color= #404040
for border #3 Add 3 px border color=#405050
select third border with magic wand tool; add new layer, flood fill with black/white pattern settings as above
add new layer, add copyright;
add new layer, add artistís copyright;
add new layer; add your text.
Font Colors used here: FG=#bbb9b8 bg=#404040
Add bevel of choice; and texture, as so:
Texture: Concrete size=25%; smoothness: 16 Depth: 15; ambience: 100; Shininess: 100; Angle:131; intensity:13; elevation: 42 Color: #ffffff
Inner bevel like so:
Bevel #2; width=4; smoothness=16; depth=9; Ambience = 1; shininess=4; angle=315; intensity=50; elevation=30; color=#ffffff
Drop shadow used:
V=1 H=1 Opacity=82 Blur=24.75 color= #ffffff

And that's that. :) I hope you have enjoyed this tut. have a great (safe) and Spooky Halloween!

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